Neiko getting his ice cream on

Neiko getting his ice cream on

Neiko is thin and cute. :3 Too mad he’s so damn irritating.

Neiko is thin and cute. :3 Too mad he’s so damn irritating.

Good deed of the week *Neiko


Thistle eyed him, wary that he’d try to hug her again. But then when he showed her the design, she softened a bit. She really did love this style of clothing, and clothes were her secret passion. She let out a sigh of relief as the boy said he was in Gryffindor. Oddly enough, his excited jumping reminded her of a dog she’d seen at a neighbor’s house, a chihuaha. She smirked a bit at this as she mulled the options over in her head. On the one side, from what little she’d seen of him, he was incredibly, annoyingly loud. But on the other hand, he was offering to make her clothes. And if the outfit he was wearing was made by him, despite the ghastly colors the work was good.

“Hmm, fine If you insist. And… thanks.” She  cocked her head to the side a bit, not being too sure how to react to the compliment. Usually when people complimented her it was because they just wanted something from her, but she had a feeling that wasn’t exactly Neiko’s angle.

“Eeeee!” he said in a sing song voice, twirling around as if he got the best gift for Christmas. Grabbing her wrist he dragged her into an empty classroom, sitting down at one of the desks and setting his sketchbook out as well as some markers. 

“Okay, I have to know your favorite colors or they’ll all be bright rainbows and not everyone likes rainbows as much as I do.” He was already starting to sketch out a design that would look absolutely lovely on her. She was so tall and willowy and he had to admit he was a bit jealous. 

“I want to make you a pretty dress, and then make you more poodle skirts but I want to do different animals and give you all these pretty things,” he kept going on for a moment, until he realized he was rambling. Covering up his mouth as if he just burped he blushed lightly and sunk into his shoulders for a moment, retreating like a turtle. “Oh gosh, I’m sorry, my mouth runs away with me when I’m excited.”

Rainbow *Neiko


Revelin stretched out his long legs (well long for a boy anyway) and folded his arms under his head, looking up as well.

“You are right, it looks like a bunny. That one looks like my toad, Bijou.” Revelin answered with a light smile.

Out of the corner of his eyes Revelin studied Neiko’s face out of reflex searching for  an attitude that would bully him for his family, but then he remembered that this was Neiko.

“Break was okay. Dad was home for most of it and we got to spend lotsa time. Though I would treat the herbal teas for coffee anytime. Nanna and him gave me a few new hairpins and wool for knitting. And you?” he asked back, turning his head enough to really look at the other guy.

It was weird enough how Rev was actually interested in how Neiko had spent his break and not just making small talk. Having actual conversations was something the Ravenclaw didn’t know outside his family. It was nice though.

"You have a toad?" he asked brightly, laughing lightly at he stared at the cloud. "I have a cat. Big white fuzzy thing, she’s wonderful. She doesn’t like cuddling that much though." He giggled and shrugged, his legs still moving back and forth as if it was impossible for him to sit still, which it was. 

"That sounds like so much fun, Revelin!" he smiled. "Gosh, you must have a wonderful family. It was nice seeing mine, I miss my sister a lot." He hummed a small song as he thought about everything he got for Christmas. "I got some amazing new fabrics and sketchbooks, even a new needle set. My sister made me a pin cushion that looks like a flower and it ties around my wrist." He held out his arm, pointing at his wrist as if showing how wonderful an invention it was. "She’s really brilliant."

He laid his hand back on his stomach and stared up at the clouds. “I don’t like coffee,” he said with a small grimace. “I like tea with a lot of cream in it. And juice and cookies and cake~ I just like pretty things.” 

Good deed of the week *Neiko


Thistle flinched sharply when Neiko hugged her. Clearly he was a touchy-feely person, and Oh God his clothes. The boy was a walking Rainbow, practically. Thistle clearly regretted her good deed. “Thistle. Don’t hug me again.” She said with mild irritation. She smoothed out her poodle skirt, which had gotten a bit rumpled in the hug. Unlike the boy before her, Thistle was happily wearing a black polo shirt and dark pink ascot, along with her dark pink skirt. A black belt tightened around her waist completed the image along with her black shoes with pink bows. A few people in Hogwarts made fun of her clothing choices, until they realized how vindictive Thistle could be. “I’m pretty sure I’d remember someone as… interesting as you on the campus. Are you in Slytherin?” Please say no. 

As he pulled back he practically squealed with delight at her outfit. He walked around her, bouncing and skipping happily as he spun around. “You have to let me make you clothes!” he exclaimed, jumping up and down and clapping his hands together. 

Taking out his sketchbook he showed her a design that was very 50s house-wifeish. “I love that style, I love that whole time period of American clothing!” It was true, and he never had a female who would wear that type of clothing for him. “Please oh please let me make you this!” 

He ignored her questions at first, having to spout about her outfit. But he shook his head practically smacking his forehead as he remembered her questions. “I’m in Gryffindor!” he announced proudly. “And it’s so nice to meet you, Thistle! Has anyone told you you’re very lovely?”

Rainbow *Neiko


Revelin straightened his oversized yellow knit pullover with the teal coloured heart pattern out and brushed his tyrian colored trousers off before laying down beside Neiko.

“Sure, let’s watch the clouds,” he answered slowly, as if he himself needed to understand what he was even saying. It felt like his brain had just completely shut off save for the nagging voice inside his head criticizing his every move.

Revelin liked being around energetic people more than anything but it was hard when he considered that he didn’t really have friends at all among the people of his house. Sure, Dethrin was nice to him and everything but apart from that he was either ignored or even bullied, not to mention people in other houses.

Neiko was different, he was like a personified little sun radiating pleasant feelings and happyness.

“Youlookreallynicetoday…” Revelin muttered under his breath, fast enough that it was barely understandable and immediately afterwards wanted to bite his own tongue off.

Really Revelin? Can’t you man up and compliment him properly?

He gave Revelin a bright smile, as if he hadn’t been expecting that. Truly he wasn’t expecting him to say yes, so as he lay back on the grass he let out a happy sigh. His knees still pointed in the air he moved the side to side in their own beat, his fingers lacing over his stomach. 

Hearing the compliment he smiled, as if it was possible, even brighter. “Really?” he asked, a small giggle on his lips. “I’m glad you like it.” He hadn’t made anything on his outfit, but he still liked to put things together in interesting ways. 

"That one looks like a bunny," he said before looking over at Revelin. "I haven’t seen you since the ball. How was your break? Did you get anything nice for Christmas?"

Rainbow *Neiko


Revelin was blushing a little, letting Neiko take his hand and pushed his hair back a little with his other one. He suddenly felt a little selfconscious about his baggy pullover and the way his hair was only sloppily pulled back by some hair pins instead of properly styled.

“Yes of course. A bit of tripping won’t hurt me that easily,” he answered, returning Neiko’s concerned look with a frown. Really what was he, five? He wasn’t going to cry for mommy because of a litlle ouchey.

Maybe he would kiss it better if you had a bruise though… his conscience threw in. Dear god what are you even thinking again, Revelin thought, shaking his head a little over himself.

His thoughts were even weirder than normal when Neiko was around and it should have been off putting but despite that Revelin still enjoyed being around the other boy. He was fun and nice and genuine and refreshingly true to himself unlike the pretentious douches Revelin had to deal with normally.

He gave him a pleasant smile as Revelin said he was fine. Releasing his hand he sat back on the ground, pulling his legs to his chest. Wrapping his arms lazily around them he rested his head on his knees. 

Looking at Revelin he gave him an easy smile, laughing lightly in hot pink, deep v-neck teeshirt tucked into black straight jeans and combat boots. It was one of his more casual looks, but the ever present black cardigan made it a little nicer. 

"Watch the clouds with me?" he asked in a small voice. Most of the people he knew didn’t really like being around him for long periods of time. They claimed he was too much energy to be around, which was really painful to hear. He understood it, though. He was odd, different, but he really wanted more friends. 

Harry had been absent as of late, and it left him feeling more lonely than usual. He wanted to ask about it, but anytime he brought it up the boy blushed and changed the subject. He was worried, but he wasn’t going to pressure his friend for answers. Maybe he was being tutored and was embarrassed about it. He knew a lot of people like that. 

Good deed of the week *Neiko


So far the day had been particularly uneventful, except for Herbology class, which was always fun. Plants were just so much more interesting than people. Especially magical plants. She hurried to the Great Hall, feeling her stomach advise her that food would be a great idea right now. Thistle passed a tight corner, and almost bumped into a much shorter boy with white hair.. She made to pass him when she noticed the other boy drop a… Pink quill. The student didn’t notice, and Thistle sighed. Might as well do her good deed of the week. She picked it up and tapped the boy on the shoulder.
“Oi, you dropped this.”

He turned around as someone called after him, and blinked at the giant of a woman. Looking down at the quill he gave a shocked gasp, his hands moving to his lips of their own accord. 

“Oh no!” he called out, as if a dog had just died. Taking the quill he clutched it tightly, before wrapping his arms tightly around the girl. “Oh my gosh, thank you, I didn’t notice!” 

Pulling back he gave her a bright smile before practically bouncing up and down, holding his quill closely to his chest. “I design all my outfits with this pen!” 

Speaking of outfits his was rather… bright. 

He was wearing a neon purple button up shirt with bright blue buttons. The sleeves were poofy, pulled tightly right about his elbows. A hot pink bow tie was wrapped around his neck, his shirt tucked into the normal Hogwarts pants. A black cardigan open around his torso. Really he was a Gryffindor, but he looked dreadful in red. Thus he had a tendency to wear things outside of the normal school uniform. 

“I’m Neiko!” he practically sang, a bright smile on his lips. “What’s your name?”

Rainbow *Neiko


Revelin had made it a part of his routine to take a long walk around the school grounds whenever he was done with his homework and his housemates just went on his nerves again. He may be social but he was also just human and as such he could only bear the atmosphere of the overcrowded common room so long before he needed air.

He circled the lake from a safe distance away, looking at the water as if he was almost suspecting it to reach out for him to pull him down and drown him.

Thus he didn’t notice early enough, almost fallowing over the other boy.

He caught a glance of dyed hair and brightly colored clothes and suddenly he found himself smiling a little at the other boy even if he didn’t want to.

“Hey Neiko,” he said, raising his hand in greeting as he came to a stop shortly before the brightly dressed guy laying on his back and looking up at the clouds. And humming something under his breath. 

He is so adorable! his inner voice cooed as Revelin tried his best to force his usual condescending and uncaring look back on his face.

He had been singing small songs about things he was seeing in the clouds. It made no sense of course, but Neiko loved singing for the joy of singing. He was decent at it, but his voice was still rather high pitched, every now and then dipping down to what it would eventually be. 

“Eek!” he called out as he was suddenly tripped on, worried that either he was going to be crushed or the pink blur was going to hurt himself. 

“OhmygoshRevelinareyouokay?!” he spouted out so quickly it sounded like one word. Crawling over to him he started looking him up and down searching for bruises or cuts. Honestly he was a bit of a healer, that being the magic he excelled in. 

Taking Revelin’s hand once he was sure the boy he was fine he gave him a concerned smile. “You’re okay, right?” he asked again, craddling the hand with care. 



He smiled happily up at him, and wiped his eyes lightly. “Well we can get to know each other and I’ll show you what I’m talking about and then we can be friends and I can hug you~” Again his voice sounded like some sort of Disney song was going to break out from his lips at any moment. Grabbing Gabriel’s wrist he started dragging him to the Gryffindor common room. “I figured out how to get my laptop working so we can watch all the cool things!” 

No.. no he really didn’t want to get to know him. “Quit touching me—I can walk on my own damn it!” Gabriel tugged on his arm, dragging the other kid back around. “I don’t know and I don’t really care. And I’m not sure if I want to know what a.. lap top—what the fuck is that? It’s completely stupid. Why would you have a shirt on your lap you idiot.” So he wasn’t the most in tune with all things muggle.. that did not make him an idiot.

He blinked as he was pushed away, and he rubbed his wrist lightly as it hurt him. He pulled into his chest lightly as he was yelled at, eyes wide at him. “No… It’s… It’s muggle stuff… And it’s like… It’s like movies and…” he started mumbling and looked down at the ground, his arms wrapped around his back pack protectively. He didn’t like getting yelled at. It was one of the things he really hated. “I bet I could find something you’d like,” he said, his smile returning as hope washed through him again, despite the fact that his eyes were a little watery.